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There will be a new website coming soon... I, Lisa O'Keeffe will no longer be mamaging this website, due to lack of time and, therefore, Steve Bailey is going to be taking over and re-designing a new website.

Once this is live, I will post a link on here to direct you to it.
Management Agreement...latest
April 2014 ...

Concern was expressed about:

1] The association including all members, BCC has now recognised that this will not be the case but Association" as far as the agreement is involved means the members of the committee signing the agreement.

2] The amount of public liability of £2.5M this has been changed to 5M with City paying the extra premium.

The main concerns have been followed up as directed and in line with the direction BDAC Executive advises signing the agreement.

 Help is at hand 

 Community Payback 

{Probationary Service!}
On several allotments excellent work has been and is being done from digging plots, cleaning up plots, clearing roads and community areas, erecting structures. People from Community Payback are doing this effectively.You need to be clear about what has to be done. Make use of this great help, take a load off your shoulders.
Contact Community Payback on 0121 248 02648.



Bordesley Green 


Saturday 1st November

at 14:00

bordesley green allotments, bordesley green road, bordesley green, birmingham

The Birmingham and District Allotments Confederation (BDAC) are a voluntary body which works to ensure that allotments across the City receive the best service for allotments holders and associations. We work with allotment associations, allotment holders, City Allotment Officers and City Councillors for the benefit of allotments.

We support allotment associations with advice and information which enables them to carry out their tasks.

We act as an active 'watchdog' to ensure the City provides the maintenance and repairs for allotment sites.

We play an active part in influencing allotment policy so that any changes are for the benefit of allotment holders and associations.We encourage associations to take on self management / self help.

Organising competitions for individuals and associations.


People who are interested in the B.D.A.C. are always welcome, so if you are a member of an affiliated site, why don't you come to the next meeting as an observer? Just notify the Chairman or Secretary that you wish to attend.

They are held at Trefoil House, Brownsea Drive, see A-Z reference Pg73 – 4H, (off Holloway Head) and start at 7.00pm.

trefoil house, Brownsea Drive, Birmingham B1

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